Updating Studio/Client to a newer version breaks shortcuts pinned to start menu

  1. What issue are you having? Describe what is happening when the bug occurs. Describe what you would normally expect to occur.

Whenever Roblox Studio/Client is updated to a newer version, the shortcuts pinned to the start menu on Windows 10 becomes broken and needs to be re-pinned every update.

  1. Does the bug happen 100% of the time?

Affirmative, a simple restart or reinstallation of studio/client does not fix the issue.

  1. If so, are there steps that reproduce the bug?

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Pin Roblox Studio or Roblox Client to the Start Menu by right-clicking on the said applications in the start menu programs list and clicking “Pin to Start”

  2. Update Roblox Studio or Roblox Client to a newer version and notice how the shortcuts on the start menu disappear after the update.

  1. Which OS and version are you using?

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
Version: 1903


This has been something that’s always happened to Roblox Studio due to it changing location with every update/upgrade. Bugs have been filed before, for example:

Yes, I am aware that similar bug reports have been posted, however the one that you posted is specific for Windows 8. Although the way Roblox updates/installs and how Windows handles app data though out the years have been consistent, Windows 10 architecture is different from Windows 8, 7 etc. Those bug reports are also outdated with incorrect formatting and there’s not really one specifically for Windows 10.

This bug is older than Windows 10 itself. neat. The shortcut doesn’t “break” for me necessarily, it just disappears and I have to re-pin the new one that shows up in “recently added” image

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Thanks for reporting this.

It looks like Windows 10 changed the way it handles items pinned to the Start Menu, so our code isn’t able to successfully update Start Menu links (taskbar and desktop links should be updated fine). I’ll file a bug internally for this, and we will let you know when we’ve fixed the issue.