Uplifting electronic music

Put some sugar in and uhh… woops…

I decided to do less darker sound to see how it ends. It is open for any constructive technical feedback. Suggestions for continuation are also accepted.


Nice work, really like that music!
Is that for any specific Game?

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I have friend who works with FNF modding, it’s a matter of whether I feel like sending it there.

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Very, very well done, keep it up!

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What a catchy song! I like the happy vibes. Keep up your good work!

Sounds very cool and funky, sounds like something out of Speed Run. Nice job!

Late, but it was updated. Probably would have to check its mix later, something is telling me that one of the sounds are underpowered.

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This is good background music for a roblox game, but I don’t hear any sidechaining in the track, if you were to add a sidechain you could make the drums and other sounds louder without clipping. Also that downer fx in the middle of the track is a little harsh in the highs, you could use an eq to decrease the volume those harsh frequencies.

Looking around this later, and those ideas definitely would work.

I love this, very upbeat and gives you a Boss Battle Type Theme