"Upload failed. Make sure what you're uploading is an image." error

I’ve been trying to upload a .png image to Roblox using the bulk import feature of the asset manager. For some reason, the image fails to upload and gives me this error.

I am very sure that what I am uploading is a .png image, so I have no idea why I am getting this error.

Trying to upload it on the “Create” page also gives me a 400 Bad Request error, for seemingly no reason. Although, I’ve managed to get the images uploaded after trying to upload them many times. I am very confused and am wondering if this is a Roblox hiccup and might be fixed later, or if my image is getting denied for no reason. The image is not violating the ToS in any way, so there’s that.

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Hey, Mike!
I just wanted to say that it isn’t only you, I am having the same issue during importing some of my 3d models, saying “unable to import”. I think roblox is facing some issue, maybe.

It definitely sounds like it.

It’s like trying to insert a disc into a disc drive, only for the disc drive to spit the disc back out because it can’t seem to read the data on the disc. So, you insert it over and over again after say, cleaning it and making sure there’s no scratches. After a while, the data is able to be read on the disc.

We’ll have to see if it is a Roblox issue. I’ve tried uploading other images as “tests” (i.e. gradient circles, random scribbles), and those seem to pass through just fine.

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im having the same issue, i tried in studio and on the website and still get the error

It’s a roblox problem, if you look in bug reports you’ll find it.

If the image is a valid file, then it’s probably Roblox being down for the 921 millionth time. That said, Roblox is being down a lot more than it used to, so I don’t know whats going on.