Upload Mesh Part failed. Status Code: 500

Ive been having an issue importing a mesh to a certain studio this one specific studio keeps getting a “Upload Mesh Part failed. Status Code: 500” error however the same mesh on a different studio uploads without an issue anyone know as to why?



I am getting the same error while trying to upload animations, it must be a roblox website issue

Yes, the error code means: Internal Server Error

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I’m getting this issue too trying to import a model, tried using alt accounts and it still doesn’t work.

This has been happening for a few hours now, can’t upload anything to Roblox with the Bulk Import button.

If you want to not waste time waiting for Roblox to fix this, use the Avatar Importer plugin to import your fbx models.

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Getting this error as well, re-importing assets that are already in the place gets the error too

im getting this error when im uploading my model

it was cuz i made it too small