Uploaded audio flagged as copyrighted content when I composed the song

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I’m not really sure how to start this. For the past few months I’ve been working on an original OST for one of my games, and just around week ago I finally got the chance to upload the songs to my YouTube channel. Today I decided to upload them to the Roblox website so I could start programming them into the game, but these past few hours I’ve been trying to upload a certain song that keeps getting flagged by the system and I’m not really sure why. More confusing of all is that the song is being flagged because it “violates copyright” in some form.

This is unbelievably confusing and frustrating because I composed the song myself through Garageband, which is where I compose all my music in the first place. I’ve tried lowering the volume of the song and cutting small sections, but nothing seems to get it past the auto-moderation. I’ve even tried contacting Roblox Support to see if they could solve the issue, but they simply just left a very vague response that didn’t really conclude or added onto the case.


I’m really not sure what to do at this point and I definitely don’t want to cut huge parts of the song or scrap it all together. Please, any help and suggestions would be appreciated. I’ll provide some external links below in case that helps?

Audio Assset in question
The music itself uploaded on my YT channel



Review “Audio Files” hyperlink they sent in the email and check if there is anything at all that could cause a flag, and hope for a good follow up because if Roblox Support cannot due anything, there’s probably not much you can do anymore. That’s my only advice, sorry if it’s not very helpful.


Apologies for bumping but this is still a problem that I have no idea how to solve. Roblox Support hasn’t followed up in any way and the hyperlink they sent simply leads to their regular Terms of Service, which after reviewing I’m sure my audio hasn’t broken any. Any other tips?

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@O_OIdonotknow I have a question do have any rest during the music you created? You can break up the music in to many smaller parts and uploads them one by one.

  • I also never did this however it is worth a try
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Good point, maybe that could track down what sections the system thinks are copyrighted?

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I’m not sure but, I do think otherwise.

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If the audio sounds very similar to another song it will get flagged. It’s quite hard to fabricate audios that other producers haven’t already made or done similar to.


Roblox modoration is just really bad. Thats it.
This even happend to ishowspeed when he was streaming