Uploading Animations HTTP error 500 & 442

Can’t upload animations to ROBLOX

(animations are named differently, they’re the same though)

Have you tried changing the name of the animation?

Yes, multiple times, I’ve even tried just putting a letter and that doesn’t seem to be working

Weird, I can upload animations fine. Have you done anything unusual with the animation, or is it just a standard roblox animator animation? If not, all I can think of is Roblox being down. I’ve had some troubles with packages, so it might be down/struggling.

Yeah it’s just a standard animation. I guess I’ll just wait and see if it works later.

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Looked it up, 500 is an internal server error and 422 is an inappropriate name. If you keep getting 500, try restarting your router and studio, if you keep getting 422, just experiment with the names.

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