Uploading Audio Costs

Hi, I figured this most relevant place to ask this question about rates for uploading audio (none of the other categories really work for this inquiry). Basically, this page has a section titled Cost of Audio Files. However, I have found that the information isn’t exactly accurate. I have uploaded a piece for my game that is 1:40 in length, but only cost me 35 Robux to upload. The article I linked says it should’ve costed 70 Robux. The reason why I’m asking this is because I have also got another piece that I would like to upload that is actually shorter, at 1:37 in length, but the estimated price is 75 Robux like the page says. The 35 Robux piece is 1.52MB in file size, while the 70 Robux piece is 2.02MB. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with file size. The 70 Robux piece also is a sped up version of itself, since it doesn’t contain any words, it’s just a instrumental piece that doesn’t really isn’t going to have trouble with moderation. I plan to slow it down for playback. I’m just doing this so that the cost drops from a whopping 350 to 70 or 35 Robux. (I wish I would have thought of this before I uploaded a piece for 350.)

So my main question is: why does the first piece, which should cost 70 Robux since it’s length is between 1:30 and 2:00, cost only 35 Robux? Is there some specification (like file size) that I can try to achieve get more pieces that are in this length range (such as the piece I want to upload) to cost 35 Robux?


Roblox runs through the audio first to get a price. The ones on their help section are either outdated or are just generalisations of what you will probably get at those lengths.
No one except the people that made knows how it truly works. Their is a reason why estimating a price takes so long.

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Hmm… I guess I will have to experiment with creating audio files with different combinations of file size and length to see what the deal is with this system. I’m guessing the 35 Robux piece was 35 Robux since it was 1:30 - 2:00 in length and its file size was less than 2 MB. We’ll see if that hypothesis is correct tomorrow I suppose :slight_smile:

Did you do this? What did you find? I’m very interested in knowing more about audio upload prices. Thanks!

Honestly, I don’t remember since it was almost a year ago. Sorry dude

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its all good! I’ll figure it out when I start uploading, so long as it’s not against TOS, I’ll post what I end up paying, too.

Hah, I just realized that your last post is dated Jun '20, I thought that was June 20th (impossible, because it’s currently June 16th…so…yeah…my bad…not trying to necro-bump!)

Thanks !