Uploading Clothing Problems

What’s Roblox’s problem with uploading clothing?

For the past week, I’ve had many problems trying to upload my clothing to my group. Everything I make seems appropriate and nothing seems to be wrong.

Here are some designs that don’t want to upload: Catalog - Roblox
Catalog - Roblox

I honestly have no idea what’s happening and it would be great to here of some solutions on how I can make sure this doesn’t happen and what to do with the clothing I’ve already made that wasn’t accepted.

(I’ve already emailed Roblox and the only thing they said is that the team who does the moderation has not given them the information on why it was taken down)

Thank you!

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This is because most likely roblox is trying to get rid of the botted clothing

What should I do with the designs I spent time on making? I’ve been trying to think of a solution by either moving parts of the clothing around or adding stuff to it.

You can go to the Developer Forum | Roblox
and message them

I’ve already done that and the response I got was, “As per our Moderation Team, the shirt was disapproved. You may need to upload it again after making adequate changes.” I replied asking what was wrong and they said, “It is not currently privy to our department why the shirt is disapproved. The department responsible for this only informed us that you need to make changes to it.” Then they said they wouldn’t give me anymore information. I have no idea what to do.

Then your best bet is to just wait a few days and then upload it again