Uploading Disallowed Image in Asset Manager Causes Crash

When I upload an asset with a disallowed name via the Asset Manager in Roblox Studio, it will cause it to freeze and crash. There’s no message that says why it couldn’t be uploaded which is a little strange, and then when it finally does get back to uploading it goes to 1 second and freezes, with a crash message a couple of seconds later. I grabbed the dump file and the log before I closed studio, although I presume the dump file was uploaded as well.

To reproduce this, go to View > Asset Manager > Images and then try to upload an image with a disallowed name. The name I used included the word robux, which I didn’t realize until I uploaded it. Of course, Roblox filters the word robux for some reason even though it’s not inappropriate, so it’s going to fail anyway. This just happened about 10 minutes ago, but the timestamps will be in the log file. This appears to happen when you upload a large number of files, in my case I uploaded around 30.

Logs/Dump Files: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/log-and-dump-files/993723


Hello popeeyy, are you still running into this issue consistently? I have not been able to reproduce this locally yet. Is there any other reproduction steps that could cause this crash? Thanks!

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I did it again and I forgot that I actually renamed the file after I realized it had the word “Robux” in it. After renaming it while the files were importing, it crashed again on upload.

Did studio crash only when uploading that one specific file? or does any file renamed to have Robux/moderated name in it crash on upload?

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Studio crashed because it went over the file and marked it as a file to retry, but when it went to actually upload it again the file didn’t exist anymore and caused an error somewhere, resulting in a crash.

Can you provide some reproduction steps to consistently get into a state where the file doesn’t exist anymore?

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This happens to me when uploading decals on the site too, if you have a flagged word in the name you get spammed with errors nonstop, I uploaded one called “Free Robux” to test, I think this may relate to the studio bug.

I uploaded a video of the issue from the start in the google drive folder with the dump logs.

Ah, I had tried those steps and haven’t been able to reproduce the crash yet, will look further into this and report back when there is an update. Thanks!

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Can you upload the asset you are having an issue with to the drive?

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I uploaded the files I used in the repro.

This issue should now be resolved! If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.

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