Uploading Multiple Meshes: Can't select mesh with the studio select tool in workspace


I’m using Studio on PC, Windows 10.

I’ve just uploaded a mesh I made in Blender (in bulk) as an FBX. Here are the objects I was trying to import.

As seen above, the only way to select them is to click and drag. I can’t click to select. I’ve had this issue in the past (before bulk importing was added) but I haven’t found any pattern as to why it happens.

Apologies if this is a known issue, but it certainly causes issues when working on areas where click+drag will select lots of unwanted parts.



When I resized the meshes the issue resolved itself. Perhaps it was because I imported the models without having them scaled down so they were incredibly large.


You should mark that as the solution if that’s the end of your problem.


Not being able to select scaled up meshes is still a bug :slight_smile: