UptownRose's Building Commissions

Hi! I’m UptownRose, and I’m a Roblox Modeler that sells assets to the Roblox Community. Thank you for visiting my portfolio! I have made UGCs item for Roblox on behalf of star creator, SunsetSafari. I also have experience building for many published, active Roblox games. I’m also running Oceans Apart Studios with another Roblox Developer, and we have many upcoming games that will be published within the next several months. Please enjoy a few samples of my work.

I have created two UGC items for Roblox on behalf of star creator, SunsetSafari.
Here’s the Strawberry HairClips I made for her most recently. Strawberry HairClips - Roblox
Here’s a picture of SunsetSafari wearing the Strawberry HairClips I created for her.

Here’s the second UGC item in the catalog: Holiday Reindeer Antlers - Roblox

Here’s a picture of the item on SunsetSafari.

These UGC Concepts below were made to improve my skills and showcase my ideas. Some of them have been added into a Roblox game as accessories.

Here are some of the models and maps I’ve built, many used in successful games.

I modeled this candy blaster.

Here’s a map made for an upcoming game.

Here’s one of the many shops I made in the game Save the Bees.

Here’s one of the many pets I made in Save the Bees.

Here I am flying to my favorite island in Save the Bees: Berry Island. I made all the models you see in this picture.

Here’s the pirate ship I made for Save the Bees.

I modeled the cemetery gate and fence.

I modeled the ghost.

Here’s a tree inspired by Harry Potter’s Tree that comes to life.

2020-11-06 (16)
I made the islands for this game along with the Harry Potter Tree

I’m quite flexible on time, but I would like advanced warning on deadlines. I adhere to a disciplined schedule with an extremely strong work ethic. I’m a mature adult who values your requests and time constraints as well.

Payment is negotiable. Payment can be Robux or Paypal.

Models from 500 Robux to bundle sets.

Thank you for reading my portfolio, and I look forward to hearing from you!

-Rose (Roblox User: UptownRose)
(Twitter: @UptownRoseYT)
(Discord: UptownRose #6861)


you should make a building kit! 10/10

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i wana hire you but i cant afford it :frowning:

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Ah thank you so much! Well you can always message me and we can chat about it if you decide it’s something you’d like to do! Have a GREAT DAY!

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ill message you rn. i might be able to pay through gamepasses tonight.

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i can afford it now. dm me on devfourm

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i highly recommend uptown, she made a call cany blaster for me!

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Your asset examples on your portfolio look pretty nice! Great work on these assets! :+1:

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Thank you so much! I appreciate you saying that!

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