Urban Clothing [Hiring]

Hello! We are currently hiring clothing designers/ builders.
Link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4790599/Urban-Clothings#!/about

Payment Designers

Mens clothing designers pay: 100 per Shirt/Pants and 1k monthly
Womens clothing designers: 200 per item and 2k monthly.
The women clothing designers get paid more due to the fact it is harder to make the clothing.


You’ll be paid on completion of the project.
10k, I won’t keep you waiting on payment for more than 2 months.

You may message me on discord, or on roblox messages. My messages are open to everyone and I read them everyday.
Please note: I need examples.
Also please note if you have been chosen for the job you have to make at least 10 clothing items. (Clothing Designers.)
Also GFX designers needed. (I do GFX but I’m a very lazy person at times.)


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