Urban's Building and Modelling Portfolio

About Me

Hi! I'm Urban, a 20-year-old British builder/modeller that has been building showcases on Roblox on and off since 2011. I'm a proud member of EBR, RAR and Gearworks. In the past year I've been teaching myself how to use Blender and since November last year 100% of my income has come from Roblox commissions. I prefer modelling commissions but I'm never opposed to putting my building skills to work.

My Portfolio

Wyvern Inn Remastered (2019)

This is my WIP passion project.

Splitting Point Studios (2019)

Wolves Life Beta (2019)

An example of the kind of stuff I’ve been doing for Shyfoox’s Wolves Life Beta

Melonslice (2019)

Soon to be uploaded

Miscellenious Modelling (2018-2019)


Wizard Hut (2014)

Wizard Hut was my EBR entry back in 2014. It is made entirely from parts - no unions or meshes.


Pricing is negotiable depending on what you need done. I never wish to leave my customers feeling as though they have overpaid. If you wish to discuss pricing never hesitate to drop me a message to discuss your budget. Contact information is listed at the bottom of this post.

Commissions: CLOSED


Discord: Urbanize#2804

Twitter: @UrbanRBX

Profile: www.roblox.com/users/53575352/profile


Are you able to create simple vehicles?

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Really great work! I love the chest designs you’ve made.

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I can highly recommend Urban!

He’s done countless assets for us throughout the year and they’re awesome. In less than a day, he learned our asset production workflow from the idea to the final integration in the scene.

In my opinion, one of the most reliable game asset creators on the platform :+1:


Urbanize is a amazing builder and person, I highly recommend working with him!


I’ve worked with Urbanize before and asked him to do some building things that most other people wouldn’t do. When I found him, he was more than willing to work on the project and worked hard to achieve the level of quality that I wanted. When I needed some things fixed as well, he was willing to put in the extra effort to make sure they got done. This guy is very hard working and I highly recommend hiring him for any job you need.


Your work is very good, especially your assets.
Kudos to you. :smile:

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I love how you can work on both, realistic and low-poly. Respect it!

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