URGENT! Animation doesn't display correctly inside the Game

Hello everyone,
I wanna keep things simple and clear, I’m not an Animator, I barely Animate and I barely know how to use the Animation Editor, so the issue I might have might be something extremely simple, but as I said, I don’t Animate so please don’t call me an idiot.

Alright, I wanna make some Animation where a Character basically rotates on the floor, something that I believed was simple enough, however turns out it was not. It works completely differently while playing the game and it looks buggy and terrible.

Animation Editor:

Live Game:

As you can see it looks completely different, first of all, I don’t even rotate a full 360*, second of all, I’m not even touching the floor and third of all my hands and the rest of the body parts still play the Idle Animation.

I tried different things such as setting the Animation Priority to Idle (Highest Priority) but it still doesn’t work, what is going on? How can I make it look exactly like how it does in the Animation Editor?


To make your animation override the default idle animation, you need to add keyframes to all joints. Also, the highest Animation Priority is Action4

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I will try that, thanks for the help.

EDIT: Works! Thank you so much.


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