[URGENT] Clients receiving random purchase prompts


Users in my game started receiving numerous reports saying that users were getting spammed with successful purchase prompts. As you can see from the first screenshot, these aren’t legitimate as the users Robux balance is now apparently negative.

This started being reported about a half hour ago and I have not made any updates to my game in that timeframe. Some users are saying this is non stop spamming them while some don’t seem to experience it. None of the purchases seem to actually go through, both on Roblox or within the game.


Same thing happening on my game, haven’t updated it in a week and this just randomly started happening.


Can confirm, was just drafting my own bug report.

Observed this myself. It quotes your personal balance, but happens when anyone else triggers a purchase.

Tested it myself, and if whoever triggered it goes through with the purchase it shows the success message on every player’s screens too.

Edit: some more details below.

From about 22:00 UTC today I’ve been inundated with reports similar to the ones described above. Players receiving purchase prompts they didn’t initiate. Occasionally they would come up successful, showing a robux balance equivalent to their own, minus the cost of the product. Upon checking the website, they confirm that they haven’t actually lost the Robux, and also have not gained the in-game perks that come with it.

After testing in several live servers, I can make this happen on everyone’s screens by triggering a purchase myself. It is very easily reproducible and causing a lot of confusion and panic.


I’ve observed this issue in many other games, it seems this is on a global scale for all Roblox games.


Thanks for reporting this. We rolled the change back and it should be fixed now.

Marketplace prompts on server go to all players

Do we need to restart servers, will that happen automatically, or should it be fixed without shutdown?


No need to shut down servers, the feature was enabled client side


Also saw the issue, thanks for fixing it! :slight_smile: