URGENT! Experience is breaking on the Roblox loading screen!

uh, so it’s definitely your game…the loading turned into a stretched out loading screen and crashed roblox… (mobile phone) So that means theres something up with your game.

So Roblox CoreGui is breaking for me, my studio output is flooded with Script timeout: exhausted allowed execution time from CoreGui scripts…

uninstall and reinstall studio? i have no idea what your dealing with.

Yeah, I know that, I had mobile testers report that issue, which is why I came onto this. I have no idea why it’s happening.

CoreGui errors may be the cause. The Roblox loading screen is part of CoreGui, correct? And if those scripts are erroring, that’s the cause.

Can someone put me in touch with a Roblox engineer? :joy:

It freezes for me too. What happens when I join? Are there a lot of loops or such that run? I think it could be an overload that crashes the servers

There aren’t many loops at all.

How many scripts running at the start of a server…?

if this is still happening then I’d recommend reporting this bug to @Bug-Support

this seems to be another bug I’ve never heard of but try sending bugs to the team I’ve mentioned so engineers can help fixing it.

btw you can use xbox recorder by Pressing Windows key + Alt + R

Two total for the loading screen, but none are a heavy load for the server.

Try this: How to handle "Script timeout: exhausted allowed execution time" - #6 by Anaminus

Its not a engine bug nor studio bug.Its his game.

Also happens when account gets moderated.

He said these are in coregui, i dont think that helps.

Any other way I am missing?

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Also a (not usually) a internet connection error.

wow … any other? lol

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yea ik bout that but any other?

Nope, I guess that’s it for the reasons!

Please report this to @Bug-Support

This seems like a studio error and needs to be adressed. If that does not work, then i give up.