(URGENT) Failed to Share Roblox Group Link

What do I want to Achieve?
I am currently trying to share our team’s roblox group for people to join and send feedback as they are playing my latest horror game.

What is my Problem?
When going to add a social link, no matter how many times I type the link format correctly, it gives me an error near the “Save” button: “Failed to save RobloxGroup link(s)”.

What have I tried so far?
During the last 10 weeks, I have constantly looked through dozens of forums to see if they have the same issue, turns out, none of them are precise to my problem. I have also tried sending support emails to Roblox; still not good information provided.

Why is this important?
If I want to get a good road map, I need a good group to get opinions from. This way I learn how to manage a community and hopefully provide excellence in my games, but if there is absolutely no way of me sharing the group as a link, I will never be able to get a good start on this kind of thing.

This issue has been stressing me out and it would mean the world to me if you give me good solutions please and thank you.

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This might be a bug on roblox side. I just tried to reproduce and I am experiencing the same issue. Message @Bug-Support.

ive had this bug before, as I remember, I think you should try one of these solutions:

  • delete the “https://” address
  • after the group id, add “/#about
  • just input the group id

i cant really confirm any of these bcz im not home and im on my phone rn :frowning:

That causes a different error to return: “The url must match the social media type.”

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2 days ago i tried to do the same and i had the same issue so i think its an issue of the platform

Sorry but doesn’t let me create a bug report for some reason.

This has been talked about on the forum for quite a while, but their issue was that group names are moderated.

This seems like an entirely different issue. Try contacting @Bug-Support.

Yes that is because your trust level on the devforum is member, (you need regular to create a bug report). But you can still send a private message to @Bug-Support (Bug support - Developer Forum | Roblox) and they will help you.