[URGENT] Game falsely deleted after buying ads

Our team’s game - Sentinel was falsely deleted for “Suicide and Self Harm” after spending 10,000 robux on ads. It was a russian roulette styled game where you shoot your friends and random strangers, there was absolutely NO way to shoot yourself or cause any self harm.

We contacted roblox support, however its known for long responses and complete ignorance. Our funds that were spent on ads are gone and not profiting us at all because of that. Is there a way to revert this action quicker and get our ad prolonged or refunded?

Gameplay video (sorry for low quality):



lots of games where you shoot other people got taken down before
what age rating is the game

I’ve set age rating to 13+ when I came home. It shouldn’t even matter because game doesn’t contain any self harm.

The video you posted shows your character killing itself. Is that not self harm?

How is it killing itself? you can clearly see people pointing gun at thier opponents.

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Roulette games aren’t allowed on Roblox. Not listed in the ToS, though.

Yea sure, I guess roblox can make exceptions for popular creators right?

Yup, that’s how it works for them. It’s sad, but true.

I guess we have to start a lawsuit to get our money back then.

Yea, but I don’t think you can (or I misunderstand it)


I’m not in US :man_shrugging:

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After reuploading the game without “russian roulette” tag in description, it doesn’t get deleted because of automod. Roblox support automatically declined every request we made, funds are still lost.

EDIT 2: After ~4 hours roblox automatically deleted our game again.


The game looks shockingly similar to those russian roulette games I played a few years back.

I’m aware of a few games that were banned for the same reason as your game (Breaking Point, Spin The Bottle, etc.)

As far as appealing goes, your chances are pretty slim.

Since it’s not listed in the TOS, you can bring legal action against them in your country. They will have to defend themselves in your local courts.