[URGENT] Help me identify the root cause of lag in my game

I have a roblox game called “World Roleplay”, (World Roleplay [ULTIMATUM] - Roblox).

It has an average of 20 CCU at the moment but we have a major problem of lag.
This issue appeared 2-3 days ago and has caused our player count to plummet.

The problem is that there is incredible lag spikes after 15-30 minutes of playing with around 20 people.

We’ve tried the following:

  • Optimise remote events
  • Reducing amount of remote events
  • Disabled StreamingEnabled
  • Removing/Optimising all while, for and repeat loops

This is urgent and we need this to be fixed as soon as possible. As of now, we don’t know the root cause of the lag and have been trying to identify it for 3-4 days as well.

We will appreciate any help! Thanks.

if you have lag spikes “after 15-30 minutes” , consider checking if a while loop is not causing the lag , and try to enable StreamingEnabled if you don’t have any issues with it , it helps reduce the lag a little bit.
Also when you talk about lag , you mean your game is getting very slow , right?