URGENT! Help me understand if I should buy advertising from JeffBlox

So I’ll start at the beginning. I recently created my own game… the link to it is below. After that, I searched there are bugs and began to think about advertising. After some time searching, I found a group like Bloxmidia.

There I contacted a man who gave me a list and price for YouTubers.

After looking through the entire list from beginning to end, I realized that the genre and views I fit the youtuber as JeffBlox. The link to him is also below. The price is about 400$.

And now I have a couple of requests.

1. Can you play my game? To see if people will play it and so on. Also, write how you like the game (if it is still in early beta).
2. After you play tell me if it is worth spending most of my budget on this YouTuber. Since I have concerns that people will come in, play and leave. And after that, I will lose all online. And to prevent that from happening, I’d like your opinion.
3. Write in the end what I can get a plus on online. And will I not lose it after an hour?

Thank you for your attention, and I hope for a reply)

And here are all the links:
My game: [OPEN BETA] Super Sumo Simulator - Roblox
That YouTuber: https://www.youtube.com/@JeffBlox/videos

please give a good answer as this is really important to me.


Some feedback I have for your game

  • Add music: The game currently feels very silent, adding music would definetly help
  • Use UIAspectRatios: Most of the UI is very warped. Using UIAspectRatios would fix this, and stop the UI from looking so weird
  • Add textures and more bright colours: Currently, the room the game takes place in is very dull. Changing it and adding extra decorations is what i’d do.
  • Reverse the fighting bar: Currently, the bar heads towards me, which, in my opinion, makes it look like when I click I’m making myself lose more

And, if you should advertise? In my opinion, no. You should extend the game a lot more before considering ads.


Your game is very unpolished, I’m not sure if you used a pack to finish the basic system or you created them yourself, but it is not good enough to even be enjoyed in the first place

The youtuber doesn’t even have good gameplay quality to even be able to make content around it

I think that 400$ is reasonable considering JeffBlox only makes one video a day and your game isn’t really polished. Also JeffBlox’s video normally gets around 100k views and lets say 5% of those viewers play your game that would be 5k visits which is decent if you think about it because that is a lot of people playing your game over such a short time span. That is also good because you can then get your game more active players and also more revenue :money_mouth_face: not just from gamepasses but premium payouts.