\URGENT/ Looking for a SCRIPTER! 170k+ LIMITEDS

Hello I’m looking for a part time scripter to code things for our big project CLASH.
Payment would be in limiteds valuing over 170k, or post game-launch robux. Some work needed are concepts such as game modes, special weapons like mage staffs, special items such as working catapults and horses and other optimization stuff. We are on a tight schedual so needing to get this done ASAP.
Full-time scripter position is also possible as we grow even more.
Game so far: https://www.roblox.com/games/3664924601/CLASH-Simulator-ALPHA


What will need doing exactly?
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Game is a team vs team battle simulator, will need specialized game modes coded, special weapons/items/consumables to use, other optimization stuff such as post-round leaderboards, global leaderboards, etc.

Generally speaking, most developers do not accept limiteds as a form of payment.

Seeing as limiteds can be illegitimately earned, etc, it provides a risk for the developer(s) that they are normally not willing to take.

If you are able to offer different methods of payment, OR sell your limiteds to pay via shirt, group payout etc, I would take those different options into mind.



Gotta agree with this, Most Limiteds are just washed via accounts, You might wanna think of other payment options.

The other option, as stated, is Robux after launch, aka an amount we’d agree on and as the game generates revenue you get it. I have robux but it is being saved for getting the game up in numbers, if limited payment is a scary concept, simply move along

Can you specify what limiteds you’re going to pay in?

Limiteds have no real value to most people, personally I would use your limiteds for advertising and use group funds and such to pay. Just an opinion.

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i have few questions

  • how many hours i need work
  • what does mean limited
  • how big will be the game

A limited is an item. Usually collectibles and most of the time cost alot.
People trade them to either make their net worth higher.

You either have a limited time to buy them, or theres only a certain amount
of them.

I’m interested, contact me at lachdoghotdog#2059