URGENT Need of Downtown Buildings!

Hello everyone!

I own a ROBLOX group called WRTA or the Worcester Regional Transit Authority.

We are in urgent need of 5 or 6 Downtown buildings.
We need them by 12PM tomorrow (EDT).

They must be unioned, and less than 500 parts total, with good detail.

Contact me on Discord - Ill91#0091 for more details, we are able to negotiate.

Thank you, & goodbye!

Hello, @Ill91. Is any form of payment included in the project?

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Yup. We will pay as much as we can come into agreement with.

(Robux to be precise, as the currency)

Okay. Can you provide any examples of what you’re looking for?


Something about like this. Decent detail, but its iffy with the timeframe.

Interested. Hit me up! 4w#0001 on discord

Sent a dm at Jurou#4173, I’m experienced with detail dm me. Here is my portfolio [Commisions open] For hire! Detailed and fast builder

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