[Urgent] performance rate my game low no reason

Hello developers,

Recently, my game, the Rage Quit Obby has taken off
(Obby FUN! - Roblox) Everything has been going good until this morning, when I noticed my game experienced a HUGE drop in performance (very visible lag especially on mobile devices), (specifically computing efficiency), as shown below:


The image does not show any performance info. Can you show an image of the performance statistics and efficiency?


I don’t know why that my game is lag So

We won’t know why that happens either if you won’t show us performance tab in game.

Game me as the connection too much is a lag

The lag in your game has nothing to do with player engagement. Go into your game, open the dev console, and send us a screenshot of the performance tab.

I’m going to check I will open that

It is the dev console. Go into the performance tab.

I go to the tab dev console come like error sound date unable download

You should learn how to use the microprofiler. Any performance issue can be debugged from there. You can see everything that is happening in huge detail. Also, unless there was a major change in the game engine, you can’t just get your game to lag out of nowhere; you probably have a virus script or something. I can’t judge you in any way, but if you used free assets, then it’s most likely a virus. I don’t see any other issue you would have in an “obby” game. Unless you do heavy computation, your game won’t be lagging. Also, player engagement has nothing to do with in-game lag or performance issues. If you meant that your game is not being played and you don’t have any actual lag or network issues, then sorry, this isn’t really the place you should ask for help. Try the creations feedback or game design support. If you really have a virus script, just find it with the microprofiler and remove it.


Thank you you helped me that about that

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