URGENT: 'Rotation' property unexpectedly removed from Attachments, causing havoc

Starting sometime this afternoon / evening, all references to the Rotation property of attachments throws an error claiming that the property does not exist. This is adversely affecting my games as the car spawning functionality relies on this property.


Please revert this change ASAP.


I can’t reproduce this in Studio with this code (not in command bar, Script or LocalScript):


Does this only happen in-game, is it still happening?

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It must be an engine issue only, I switched the offending code to use Attachment.Orientation and updated my game which resolved it.

EDIT: Is this enough to be considered ROBLOXCRITICAL?


I can confirm that it is also not working for me in game

Edit: It seems to be working in local scripts though


We’re going to roll back the new version in a moment, this wasn’t intentional.


Will I need to restart my games to kick them back to the working version?

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All newly started servers will have the new version once we complete the rollback; you’d need to shutdown the existing servers if you want to repair them but new players won’t join them anyway so you could just let them die off.


This issue just stalled every single flee the facility server

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This should only affect the Rotation and WorldRotation properties of Attachments. These properties are deprecated, and we accidentally made them inaccessible to scripts while adding a deprecated attribute. This will be fixed in the next deploy ASAP.

You might also want to switch to Orientation and WorldOrientation instead, or better yet, use CFrame or the Axis properties.


The issue should be resolved now - all players who joined the game after 4:43 PM PST (~30 minutes ago) should have joined a server where the issue doesn’t exist.


thanks. I’ll update and change rotation to orientation

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Sounds good, but should be marked on the Developer hub! Right now they are not marked as deprecated neither on the Attachment page nor on their own member pages, so I’d expect that some developers might still be applying these in new projects right now.

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Now that the deprecated attribute has been applied properly that should update automatically at some point.