US Army Delta Is looking For Developers!

About Us

Hi there! We are US Army Delta, a small upcoming game development team. We’re looking for builders who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game, Our Training Base!

The Team
@ DarkVoid004 - Builder
@BlendedTea - Director
@Open! - Builder

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder to join our team as our lead content artist. We expect high quality builds that adhere to our game’s style. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check team progress daily and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another.

Examples of what we want

Our game needs at least 30 new assets completed by the end of this month. We expect our map to take between 8-10 hours.


Programmer - 10 - 15% or more depending on work prices can go up to 30%
Bulder - 10-15% or more depending on work prices can go up to 30%

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at:
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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@Brickxyplx is a nice and well organised team leader, i recommend taking this job as it gives you not only experience but the ability to work in a team and develop games that you truly love and maybe make some money of it. Anyways good luck to all of you applying for this job.

Most people prefer better payments.
It’s more like; Any payment is better than percentages.
I would probably build but I prefer to have a more solid form of payment than percentages and I believe many builders would agree with me. Good luck, though.


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