US-Army Simulator Codex

  1. Army Personnel are to follow orders of Army Officer and Brigadier General+. The only time you are not to follow an order is if it violates any of our base laws.

  2. E1-E5 are not to allowed outside the base without permission from a Major General+.

  3. Military Personnel are to follow the rules and regulations.

  4. Trolling, and inappropriate language will not be permitted on duty.

  5. You are to call Military Personnel by their US Army Rank and Officers+ (2LT and higher) as “Sir” or “Ma’am” based on their gender.

  6. If you are in a division you are required to be active based on your division’s quota

  7. The only regiments allowed at the gate are Military Police, Secret Service, 1st Armored Division, Airborne, Department Of Justice, Special Forces, Officer Candidate School Personnel, Special Forces Raid Response Team and Moderation Team Members.

  8. Brigadier General and higher are to be recognized as Chief Ranks.

  9. Officers are required to be at the base for atleast 30+ minutes.

  10. You are not crowd any Officer+.