US Supreme Court - Update Log

Whats new?

VC Only Servers If you have Roblox Voice Chat, you can now play in a server with only otther users with voice chat.

Music System The old music system which was broken by Roblox’s audio update has been fixed. With all new music.

Friend Joined Notice When one of your friends join your server, a Ui will pop up letting you know.

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Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Donation Board Removed
  • Extend Round Patched
  • Voting Tally Patched
  • Spawning bug patched
  • NPC Gear is now invisible on spawn
  • Ban hammer for moderators to ban users
  • New Tutorial Ui and information
  • Moderators and developers have access to the control panel
  • Only the lead developer and private server owners can shutdown servers
  • Other improvements and bug fixes