Usage of Blender

I am a new developer and i am building a game called Infinity. In this game i will enable space exploration and for that i need well detailed spaceships. But i am confused upon what should i use Blender for. Should i use blender for building the spaceship? Or texturing the spaceship? Or what?
If there is any individual seeing this post knowing how all this stuff works, please reply stating what should blender be used on Roblox Studio for.


Blender is most commonly used for detailed modeling for smaller objects, although I have seen some people build entire maps using blender! Really, the limit is your imagination :smile:


It really depends on how your using the spaceship like:

  • If the spaceship is like a vehicle then you could use blender for the model
  • if the spaceship is used as background then its for blender
  • if the spaceship is used with an actual interior then i recommend just building it
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Use blender for modeling the space ships. It’s the best program for it, and it will help you make some detailed models. It’s a bit tricky to learn, but it’s well worth it.


Umm its going to be big. With an interior but i need it to be detailed. How can i detail it in studio?

Ok i will try but i really want to know which is the easier method. Thanks btw.

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You can really just sketch the spaceship on a paper and start graphing the interior, I recommend starting with the interior and just building the design covering the interior, also maybe you can use some meshes for certain parts like engines or something.

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Any object you want detailed, use blender. Any object that is used a lot in the game, use blender for. Attraction is key. Yes, you should use blender for the space ships, but texturing… I mean I wouldn’t I would just export via groups and texture them in Roblox. Plus, colors don’t save when importing to studio any so ya.

Side note: If you’re new to developing, I don’t suggest you start of with you creating a game first. Think about it, if you start when your at your worst, then the game won’t be your best. Try doing a few commissions at what your best at first, and then go for your game. Trust me, I’ve wasted a lot of time creating games when I was new and now abandoned them because they were trash.

I hope this was helpful, good luck out there!

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Yes thank you.It was helpful.
Btw i am not new, i learnt scripting for over 1-2years now.
Just a request but can you friend me on my roblox account? As a new developer, i do not have many contacts of people who can help me. I would appreciate if you would do that.
I will send the friend request immidiately after this post.

Gotchu, although I think discord would work better helping wise.
I’ll still add you on both.

Ok thanks.
I will try to go on discord as i have a slight problem with it.