Usage of deprecated Hints and Messages in coroutine article

This article talking about couroutines is using Hint and Message objects, which are deprecated, and using the 2nd parameter for which is bad practice.image


It’s not a bad practice in this case, since they have no other properties to initialize.


Good point! But beginners seeing that example will make them use that parameter in cases where properties are set.


It also uses semicolons at the end of the first two lines which is unnecessary and could lead to confusion.

Yeah, who was writing the code propably had an experience with another language, it was probably shedletsky that wrote it ages ago.

@Shedletsky is this your code? :thinking:

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This code sample and the article it appears in is slated for a rewrite which will cover multiprocessing in general, not just coroutines. The example might not exactly be a shining star, but we’re not ready yet to replace the page yet. Nonetheless we’re definitely aware of this article!