USAR | Discord Rules

United States Army
Written By: AmberWolf_Alfa

  • Everyone must submit to all roleplay and Discord rules instated.

    a. The Uniform Code of Military Justice must be followed by all group members
    b. You must follow procedures and policies prescribed by the United States Army High Command
    c. You must follow procedures and policies prescribed by your assigned unit
    d. Discord Terms of Service are expected to be followed
  • Treat everyone with respect.

  • Harassment of any kind directed at communities, groups, or individuals is strictly prohibited, especially under Discord Terms of Service. Therefore are against our rules. Which includes:

    a. Sexual Harassment
    b. Ping spam
    c. Server raid
    d. Racial slurs in derogatory or demeaning way
    e. Voice Chat harassment
    f. Blackmail
    g. Other forms of harassment
  • Do not post adult material in any communication network.

  • Do not advertise neither self promote unless authorized by the community owner.

  • Do not target an individual, group, or community with malicious intent.

  • The United States Army Administration Team holds final authority.

    a. They may issue an individual a removal from any group-related game
    b. Impersonation of staff is strictly prohibited

  • No refunds are issued for any product purchased unless attachments provided are approved.


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