[USCBP] Looking for developers!

Group Icon NEX

Development Team

@Alfa_Upsilon - Builder
@YOU - UI Designer
@YOU - Scripter

:chains: Group Link : U.S. Customs & Border Protection. - Roblox
:chains: Game Link : N/A (Game still in development!)

About The Job

USCBP is looking for 1 Scripter & 1 UI Designer. We need some finishing touches for our Border game,

  • Main Menu
    • Team Chooser Tab
    • Updates Tab
    • Developer Credits Tab
    • Shop Tab
Example of the UI

Home Screen

Team Chooser


Credits Tab


This is a Long-Term job, this is just a task that’s listed to do. You will need to push weekly/monthly updates to the game.

  • Payment - % of group revenue (Negiotable)


Thanks for reading this post, it means alot for me :slightly_smiling_face:.
If you are interested contact me!

  • Discord - Alfa.#6666
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as a dev, i think asylum games have a pretty bad stigma around them, due to many developers working on them being banned for a long time, my conclusion is that in my opinion, i wouldn’t work on one, not trying to drive away devs, its just a pretty bad stigma

Hello, @phenogarbitol

I appreciate your comment, but we are a Border game, not an asylum! :laughing:
The examples I showed are references for our own main menu!

Signed, Alfa_Upsilon.

misunderstanding, sorry i didn’t see the part were you said border.

I’m intrested as UI Designer, added you in Discord.
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