[USD] Hiring a Builder!

I’m looking for a builder who can build this sort of a terrain for the game I am currently making.

I’m willing to offer 10 USD for the base to be similar to that.

If you want, you can also include different style of houses on the empty plots for 2 USD each (for template). The maximum I am going for will be 10 USD (5 different styles of houses).

We can talk price if this isn’t enough (I’m not good with money lol when it comes to building, I don’t build).

So in total, you can get up to 20 US Dollars via PayPal.

DevForum DMs
Discord: GetEnveloped#0442

Edit: I found builders for this project. Thanks!

What is “this sort of terrain” supposed to be made with?
Parts? Smooth Terrain? Meshes?

A reference image is great but some more elaboration would be helpful

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10 USD is around 2.8k Robux. I dont think anyone will be willing to work for that money so consider offering a higher pay.

That looks like a town of Salem map, and there’s about 3 of those games in development :stuck_out_tongue:


Still, the OP is about him hiring, not asking for feedback on what he wants to make.

Whatever the builder prefers.

I’m not really good with Roblox economy, that’s why I kept it open for other offers. What would you suggest?
someone went for 5k robux (not usd) and accepted it

Competition :smiley:

I don’t plan on doing exactly like Town of Salem. It’ll be somewhat of a twist of it.

But yeah, I can see that competition. It’ll be hard.


What’s wrong with giving feedback even though it’s not asked for?

No need for a necrobump, but it was just because he kind of implied he shouldn’t do that game because there are already others. It’s also not really helpful to OP hiring a builder either though.

Sorry for the necrobump, didn’t realize how old the thread is

I agree with you but I think it’s always healthy to shoot feedback at each other even when it’s not needed