[$USD OR ROBUX] - Uncontested scripter for hire

About Me

I am Hexo_Chan; a veteran who has loved to create for nearly ten years. Today I am opening up for scripting commissions of nearly any size.

I am seventeen years old and I spend a lot of my time scripting. I’ve made over fifty games.


There’s virtually nothing I can’t script. I’ve been doing this since I was a child. And I am studying better ways to do my job better every day. (OOP, Frameworks, etc)

I know exactly how to use datastore2, among other advanced skills, and I’m learning a lot of other modern modules to work better and faster.

My only weakness is things that are extremely heavy on math.

Overall, just ask me and I’ll do it quickly and efficiently.


My biggest games lie in “Hexo’s World”; A hub I built and designed all by myself in under a day.
If you are looking for the most impressive of my scripting work, play Rewinder from the hub.

Here's a few nice things I have designed and scripted myself.


I am studying from home and editing videos for about four hours every day. But any other time I am free to work. On weekends I have virtually all day.


I want everyone to live their dream of owning a game. If you have a low budget, I’ll script for you still.
More budget = Better code

For my normal skill level, I would be happy with $25 for something that would take a day.
For the same thing with faster to write code, I can half that to $12.50.

I don’t want to receive Robux usually but if you offer a really good amount then I’ll consider it.


Contact me on Discord. Hexo Chan#3075
You can also leave a reply on this post but I would prefer Discord.

Thanks for reading! :tongue:


Hero_Ravensong#2889, please accept my discord friend request so we can discuss more about a possible scripting position for my promising Simulator.

Tried to scam my group out of $50 do not trust Hexo_Chan.

He put a virus in our game and claimed our previous scripter put it in and said that he was going to leave our project anyways, but would remove the virus that HE put in for $50 dollars.

He will come off friendly and all, but then when he gets bored he’ll start putting exploits backdoor exploits into your scripts.