Use display names with HD Admin

How do I make HD Admin use display names when parsing my commands? For example if there’s a user with a username of “maybe” and his display name is “yes” then I want to be able to do
;kill yes instead of doing ;kill maybe. This feels like an essential feature so I’m surprised that I couldn’t find it in the settings file… is this possible?

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Er not sure, but by default studio lists player’s usernames and you can always find the usernames, make a gui that admins can open that shows all the player’s usernames.

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You’d have to edit the code of HD Admin, using CTRL + SHIFT + F to search through all scripts and search for Player.Name or .Name, and manually change the HD Admin scripts to use Player.DisplayName instead of Player.Name.

You’ll be able to achieve this with the ‘identifier’ once Nanoblox (to replace HD Admin) publicly releases likely later this year:


;kill @ForeverHD
;kill @forev
;kill Ben
;kill bEn

I’m excited for Nanoblox!! I guess for now I’ll just use normal names