Use for the Classic “R” logo

I’m planning to release 2 UGC accessories related to the Classic Roblox “R” logo. It’s not very apparent in the TOS if it’s breaking guidelines or not. I’m asking if you’re allowed to use the “R” Logo for UGC accessories.

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What kind of “R” logo? if its Roblox’s old logo then it’s should be fine with TOS.

I believe your not allowed to use any Roblox icons. Example look what happened to Kreek’s ugc item with a Roblox icon on it.

I would just make my own logo for the ugc to avoid copyrights.

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It’s deleted because it was from Mickey Mause and his haters abused roblox report system

No it wasn’t for Mickey Mouse, but because it had the Roblox icon on it people were able to get it deleted by abusing the system.


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Oh, thanks, i didn’t know the exact reason.

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Roblox dont really like his history and trying to be “Serious” game company for investors, althrough they made the “Roblox Classic” event, they still deleted archived old roblox’s forum posts from blog tab

I suggest you to not to release any UGC due to the drama going around Roblox UGC and moderation stuff like that. You may never know when you are going to get a warning, 1/3/7 days ban or just TERMINATION, getting content deleted, getting your account DELETED.