Use of deprecated members and lack of vararg info on the CFrame data type index page


The CFrame data type index page consists of several uses of deprecated members of the CFrame type in its documentation:

  • CFrame:ToObjectSpace, CFrame:PointToObjectSpace, and CFrame:VectorToObjectspace use CFrame:inverse instead of CFrame:Inverse.
  • CFrame:VectorToWorldSpace and CFrame:VectorToObjectSpace use CFrame.p instead of CFrame.Position.
  • ( Vector3 pos, Vector3 lookAt ) refers to “lookVector” instead of “LookVector”.
  • CFrame:ToOrientation refers to “toEulerAnglesYXZ” instead of “ToEulerAnglesYXZ”.

I also believe that several listed methods (such as CFrame:ToObjectSpace) may be provided a variable number of arguments and return each associated translated CFrame as a tuple, yet this is not documented.