Use of Motor 6D causes other constraints to freeze

Hey everyone, I am trying to make a rocket engine gimbal. I am using 2 Motor6D, one for each axis. Also, on each side, there is an arm, you can see what constraints they are using here:

Also, not sure how related it is, but notice that the arms are not creating a right triangle:

When moving the engine on the Z axis, everything works like it should be. But when moving on the X axis, for some reason the arms are freezing.
See video:

In this video, the BallSocketConstraint has the MaxFrictionTorque set to 1. When I set it to 0, they are not freezing anymore (which is great) but the arms are rotating on their local Y axis (see video below):

If anyone knows a solution for fixing the freezing, or fixing the rotation on local Y axis of the arms, please let me know!
Thanks for the help anyways :slight_smile:

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