Use of player.AccountAge to avoid dislike-bots?

I met a developer who was a victim of dislike-botting and now he uses this method to kick any user who has registered in the last 5-25 days
Does this really work?
Is there a better alternative?

(Sorry, I don’t know what is the correct category for this question)

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This would handle most dislike botters but some have accounts that are much older meaning they can still dislike.

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There are bots that have existed for a while and are reused repeatedly, this may help with some botting but it can’t get rid of them for sure.

This doesn’t work at all - even if a player is kicked immediately after they join, they can still dislike the game.

Similar methods like this can be used to keep playercount-inflating bots out of your game, though account age generally isn’t a good way to check for bots (or any malicious user), and hits a lot of false positives. I wouldn’t recommend anyone uses this as a long term solution to anything.


so, there is no real solution and we are doomed to bots have more power than developers :cold_sweat:

Another way to prevent botting completely is enabling paid entry, but setting the price as low as possible. Although this will limit the player count quite a lot unless your game is worth paying for in the minds of the visitors, which can be hard to achieve.

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This topic needs a bump. The game voting feature needs to be overhauled and secured. My game just got mass disliked by over 3,000 bots yesterday. How is this still possible on this big of a platform? It’s unbelievable.

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Here’s what I’d suggest:

  • To like/dislike, you need a verified email
    • There should be a limit to how many accounts can be verified to one email
  • You need to do a captcha to like and dislike

I think a better way to do it would be to require all users who can contribute to game ratings to have spent some sort of R$ in the Roblox economy throughout their account’s lifetime. Maybe around 5-10 R$, or even see how much they’ve interacted with other Roblox features.

Captchas can be easily fooled, and plus it will deter genuine people from using the system as they’ll find it a hassle to solve a captcha in order to rate a game.


How about we combine the two? If you haven’t spent robux or interacted with site features, then you get a captcha, if you have, then you don’t get a captcha.

Captchas still can be easily fooled.

That’s true, but I’d say it would prevent angry kids from disliking the game out of anger, especially if it’s a competitive game.


Well that problem cannot really be solved. I’m talking about specifically bots used to mass-dislike

I just saw a post today: Dislike botting cost me R$300,000 today
and I’m terribly scared currently, my studio is creating a game that may compete with a currently running game and we might get attacked with dislike bots from them since they have done such things in the past. This topic needs to be bumped and put into higher authority.

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