Use of symbols in featured game guidelines

On the guidlines found here:

There is a statement that Roblox game titles should not contain any symbols. Does this also affect group names if the game is linked to the group?

I ask this as upon joining any game, you see the game title along with the game creator’s name (player or group) during the loading screen when you are trying to open up a game.


Game Name: Cool Game Title
Game Creator: 月 Tsuki Studios

Surprisingly I see only one featured game using symbols but maybe they’re not on XBox (note that this is only under XBox guidelines). I’d guess a group name with a symbol is fine just because it specifies game title, but yeah your situation is kind of iffy.


Group names are unable to be changed, so if there is an icon in your group name then you will not fail this requirement. If you do, please send me a DM here.

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Does this Xbox guideline consider any unicode / non-ASCII character to be a symbol, or are there exceptions? For example, a title like “Cool Game Title” would obviously not be acceptable, but would titles in non-English languages with unicode characters be allowed on Xbox?

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