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Before on the old forum we was allowed to use our own profile pictures, this was extremely helpful in a lot of cases. I was able to recognise so many people because of the profile picture they had (e.g. Ethan = Shark, Velibor = Colourful Bird) there’s a lot of people already here that have their own custom profile pictures (I asked them and they said when this site was first up, you was allowed to before it was removed)

Currently it’s a pain to identify people based on their ROBLOX avatar and restricts creativity (I know some people had some really cool avatars back on Kunena)

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There is no setting to allow profile picture changes based on account rank, so there’s no way to restrict non-members who created an account just to view threads on Public Topics from uploading their own profile pictures. Since profile pictures aren’t moderated, ROBLOX doesn’t want to give them the opportunity to upload something inappropriate for anyone else to see. Based on that alone, we’ll never be seeing the ability to upload our own profile pictures again unless Discourse allows that to be controlled by trust level.

Even if Discourse did make that update though, ROBLOX wants our accounts here to be tied more closely together with our accounts on the main site, so they’d prefer our avatars here to be our ROBLOX avatars. Can’t say I’m too displeased considering some of the avatars people uploaded on the old forum either.

Personally, I don’t see what’s wrong with all this. I think it’s great as it is.


But seriously, what I would like is display names. If we were able to set our own display name (e.g. I could use something like ‘FiniteReality’ or ‘h4x0r’ and you would see that) to use instead of our username, that would be cool. Maybe even more helpful than images, unless you’re lazy and like to glance.

I want my bear


Outside of having a direct link, is it even possible to view the profiles of people who haven’t posted and aren’t members of the forum proper?

Yes. All of the people who like a post in Public Topics have their avatars shown when you expand out who liked the post. You can also find them on the User List and through the search (for example if you search for “Echo” to find me, you’ll also see Echology who isn’t a full member).

I guess we just need to start recognizing people by their avatars now. I never change mine, but I know some people change theirs frequently, which might make it a little more difficult.

[quote=“Crazyman32, post:7, topic:20344”]
I guess we just need to start recognizing people by their avatars now.
[/quote] Or maybe even recognize each other on our usernames!


No? :grinning:

I do miss the personal touch of the old avatars and they were a lot more memorable to me. Although for this to even matter we need larger avatars. I use a script to display a bigger version:

and what am I to do with all these avatars D:

What if someone set up a web server containing profile images that we can post there for ourselves, and then write a script that retrieves those images when reading the forum and displays those instead of the ROBLOX characters?


That actually sounds pretty do-able. I’d do it, but I don’t have any experience writing server code… Although I guess I could do some research.