Use PreloadAsync on Client or Server?

Hi, I am wondering whether to Preload the game on the Client or the Server


local CProvider = game:GetService("ContentProvider")

for _,i in pairs(game:GetDescendants()) do

This is just a Question as I’m not sure when to use it in this case.

Preferably you would ready the client up, and therefore it should be executed on client.

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How about the Server?

Should I preload that too?

Or will the Client cover that part?

Depends on what you’re preloading. If you’re preloading UI images (in PlayerGui), use it on the client. Else, if you’re loading them in Workspace so that everyone can see, preload on Server.

This is the part I’m concerned about, it preloads on the Server, but on the Client it may not load

I’m pretty sure stuff loaded on the server are loaded 99% of cases on the Client too.

I’m not sure about this statement.

It depends on what kind of assets server necessarily needs to load. The server only needs to preload once. I hardly think there is anything to preload, because client usually takes care of the visuals which are most likely preload-intensive for gameplay-related aspects.

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