Use the grass decoration material on parts?

How can I get the grass terrain to show through parts, without showing the terrain?

My settings


I want to be able to have the terrain below my parts, but the flowing grass still show up above?


I believe the grass, or “Decoration” can only be used on terrain and can’t be applied on parts unfortunately.


I know that, but I’ve seen people use a trick where you place the terrain under the parts, and thus the grass appears above

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What if you duplicate the parts then turn your parts into terrain with the part to terrain plugin and then get the parts to be placed properly over the terrain, Would that work out well?

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Still can’t get it be the right position

If I move the part lower, the grass is too low to be shown, but higher it goes through the ground


Is this something like what you’d like to achieve?


Yes, I’m trying to get it to look like that.

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How you can use the grass with parts:

  1. Place a very thin part where you’d like to get the grass.

  1. Use the part to terrain plugin and you should get something like this.

  1. Adjust it a bit, Due to it being very thin, the terrain doesn’t become a very big of an issue.

There you go! :wink:

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If you use F3X, you can change the increment to 0.01 for easier use to place the parts at what height with ease.


I can’t get it right :confused: I made the part 0.05 in thickness. If I leave it at 0, the grass terrain appears well above the part, if I move part down to -0.05 it’s well below the ground

Y = 0

Y = -0.05

The black part is the part I am using to convert to terrain

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If you are unsuccessful with part to terrain, simply place the terrain chunk and move the map around it like so. (green block represents height of part map)


Notice how thin my terrain is, maybe try getting the terrain very thin?

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How do you get the terrain to be thin??

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Oh, Ninjo this should definitely do it!

Place the black part just on it with thickness 0.05 (I just used normal Roblox scaling with move unchecked)

Then simply use the part to terrain plugin.

You won’t even have to adjust anything like this.


Mhm, I think it cold not be applied as it is just for the terrain.

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This is the result by the way. Overall it looks pretty cool and good.image


When i try it, it just doesn’t work because the part is way too thin

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Perhaps you could use mesh parts if you still want to use grass on parts. I have a model I recently made and it might help. **

Grass - Roblox


It’s kinda optimized. It’s only 500 polygons. You could duplicate it with Brushtool

It’s also animated by the way.