Useful Roblox Building Plugins


Hello! I am vibrantkoffing, a builder who works on Roblox Studio. I have seen issues regarding low-poly builds and I’m here to clear them up.

Steamlined Building Plugins

qCmdUtl – Quenty. This plugin is useful as some people ( excluding me ) find the Roblox Studio layout overwhelming or complicated.

SBS – Fractality. This plugin is the upgraded version of qCmdUtl; I’d definitely prioritize this plugin over qCmdUtl.

Now, people like F3X tools, although I personally do not.

Good Support Plugins

Light Editor – woot3. This plugin creates an ‘orb’ that shows a developer all their lights in the workspace. This has no problems at all, at least for me.

Celestial Body Dragger – CloneTrooper1019. This plugin allows you to adjust the location of the sun and the moon. Very useful without any problems.

Axis Align – OKevinO. This plugin can be complicated at first, but is very useful. This allows you to align two parts by a certain axis.

Project-specific Plugins

Low Poly Terrain Creator – KinqAndi. This useful plugin allows you to create low-poly terrain. This plugin can help you create icebergs, mountains, hills and other forms of landscape in minutes. Just remember to make all the blocks transparent once you’re done adjusting it.

Quick Build – VineyardVine. I have never used this plugin but I’ve heard it can be useful. Maybe give it a try.

There are much more plugins, I recommend you explore.
Note: I see much more plugins listed, although I haven’t used them.


  • I’ve already used these plugins before and find them useful
  • I’ve tried these plugins by reading this post, and they were useful
  • I’ve tried these plugins by reading this post, and they weren’t so useful

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What plugins do you all recommend for building on studio?
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