User Created Assets Cutting Out

Okay so this thread should compile all the data I have regarding cut outs. I hope this will be convenient and easy to follow.

The issue is that user created animations will randomly stop playing, the same is also happening with audio I upload.

Animations: (Since release)
[li]Will play a random duration between (0 - animation length). Sometimes they play for 0.01 seconds.[/li]
[li]Will cut out no matter what ‘mode’ you are using (Action, Core, all tested)[/li]
[li]The cut outs happen even if you are not moving. Possibly related to the idle animation loop?[/li]

Sounds: (Very recent bug)
[li]Sounds will play a random duration between (0 - sound length) [/li]
[li]This has been tested with no movement of sound source or camera (receiver).[/li]
[li]Cont. This means it has been tested in an interruption-free environment[/li]
[li]Not entirely confirmed, but it appears the cut outs only happen on new sounds.[/li]
[li] It is also possible that the sound cut out happens when an animation in the client cuts out at the same time[/li]

Hopefully this can help pinpoint the issue. Anyone else have anything to add? I can edit the post to add to the list.

For the sounds, are you sure they’re preloaded and in the client cache to be played? That’s the only reason I can think of for a sound not working.
I haven’t used Animations yet - I haven’t had anything which has needed them.