User has a broken "Topics Created" stat

Reproduction Steps

  1. Go to the user’s profile
  2. Observe the “Topics Created” and “Top Topics”

Expected Behavior

The user’s Topics Created should say “1” as he made a topic

Actual Behavior

The user has a broken “Topics Created” stat, as he has made an topic named “So, whats the replacement for SurfaceParts?” yet the “topics created” says 0

Issue Type: Statistics
Issue Area: Profile - SpiderMasterminded - Developer Forum | Roblox
Impact: Low


It could be becuase the topic was locked

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Most of my topics are locked, yet it’s counted for me :confused:

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then it must be a bug

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I have seen issues in the past where when enough topics gets deleted it takes away one more than it should (unsure why, it’s usually not a race condition) leading to odd numbers (zero or even negative topics created) so I’d imagine that’s whats happening here