[User Interface] How could I make this better?

Everything apart from the font is made by me.
This is an unboxing UI, and I want to ways to improve this/make it more detailed but still remain cartoony. I have a couple of ideas in mind, but I just want outside feedback too.



Usually I’m very critical when it comes to these things,

But I don’t see anyway to genuinely improve this.

The best I can say is MAYBE move this text down a TINY bit


That way it looks more centered. You’ve got plenty of room below.

EDIT: I say this because this COMPONENT of your game looks ready to ship. This one GUI looks ready to ship to the main game. Be careful when putting boxes into here though


Scaling can sometimes be funky because different users will have different kinds of monitors.

Besides a warning and advice to center the text better, really this is as good as I think a cartoony style like this can get.

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Maybe have the leaves on the bottom left and right corners have some thickness(both the hotbar and the you unboxed thingy).
Sorry I can’t do screenshots I’m not on my laptop XD.

This looks nice I would say to turn that shading of the you unboxed text sorry I didn’t put this in the message other than that looks nice!:+1:

Hi there,

I really love your UIs. However, I believe that the horizontal unboxing section seems a bit too symmetrical (especially the leaves and the vines). Additionally texts "You unboxed…’ and “Claim” seem to be right up against the edge of their containers. So, I would suggest making the text size a tiny bit smaller to have a good amount of margin around it.

Just as a suggestion …

If you plan to create the complete UI for a particular game or project, instead of posting each minor aspect of the UI in separate topics (which can get quite messy if there are a lot) and asking for suggestions, you can post the whole UI of your game in one topic. Or you can have several topics regarding large chunks of your UI (like one topic for shop and inventory UI, one topic for settings and map voting UI; and etc.) Then, you can ask for a really thorough feedback. This way, the Forum does not get too cluttered up and you can easily keep track of your feedback posts.

Anyways, other than the points I talked about before, the unboxing UI looks very nice!


Great idea, I will use that in the future, thank you.

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Would this be better?

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Yes, this is what I intended. But, try to add some more “growth” (leaves and vines) on one of the sides of the horizontal frame to make it a bit more natural looking.

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