User Profile Says ‘Add Friend’ to someone on my Friendlist


this bug is on iOS (just found out it’s happening on my desktop too - link below) , accessed through the Roblox website (can confirm that it’s on the app too). Checked my friend list and tapped on a recently added friend to see it say ‘Add Friend’ . refreshed both my friend list and their page and they’re both on there, (‘Add Friend’ on his page and him on my friend list).


It’s not occurring for me. Just a bug that should be noted

I cannot reproduce this, so I’m guessing it would be either:

  1. It happens with specific users
  2. This is a rare bug

Can you try closing the tab and going back to check if it still looks the same?

If that doesn’t fix the issue, please provide the following details:

  • iOS Version
  • iPhone Model

I just did, it’s still the same for some odd reason… it’s not affecting me in anyway it’s just very odd.

could send a sr if you’d like

That’s not necessary.

Would it be possible to check if you see this on the Roblox App as well?

I can confirm that it’s on the app too

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Please don’t forget to provide these details to help the engineers identify the issue(edit it into your first post).

Also the Roblox App version in this case

I just found out something which is the other way around in my PC, when ypu unfriend someone, they stay in your friends list, but that person is unfriended right? Why is he/she still in the list. I then saw if I block the person then unblock him/her, it goes away from your friends list. Weird huh?

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for some odd reason a friend of mine got removed from my friends list. or maybe they accidentally unfriended me. but when we tried to refriend each other. it says for both of us that we blocked each other when we didn’t. we kept trying to bypass the glitch and its doing it everywhere on each explorer we use for the roblox site ;-;