UserInputService.GamepadEnabled returning true for disconnected gamepad

A note before reading:
I’m using a wireless Xbox gamepad that’s compatible for PC.


After launching studio with a gamepad connected (or turning a gamepad on while in studio), when running in “Play Solo”, UserInputService.GamepadEnabled always returns true, even when the gamepad is off before the user starts “Play Solo”.

Repro Steps:

  1. Launch Studio with the gamepad connected.
  2. Create a local script that repeatedly prints UserInputService.GamepadEnabled
  3. Turn off the gamepad
  4. Click “Play Solo”
  5. Notice how the property will always print true
  6. Connect the gamepad and then disconnect it
  7. Notice how it prints false now


  • Turning the gamepad on and back off will fix the issue temporarily, but the issue will occur the next time the user runs “Play Solo”
  • Starting Studio with the gamepad off and then turning it on and back off before running “Play Solo” will give the same results as posted in the bug
  • Disconnecting via the USB Adapter gives the same results
  • Initially the property returns false if the gamepad is disconnected, but after that step the property will return true indefinitely unless the gamepad is turned on and off again.

Repro place:
gamepadborkedrepro.rbxl (12.2 KB)


Added this to our bug list. Thanks for the report!


This is still happening to me. I tested it in game, and it only happens in studio. I thought I made some kind of coding mistake but it was a bug.