UserInputService.ModalEnabled = True doesn't hide ROBLOX Guis

I am trying to turn off the default character control GUI that ROBLOX inserts into my mobile game.

This is my code. It is a LocalScript in StarterPlayerScripts.

This code does nothing. I still get the mobile GUI.

This doesn’t work well with the emulator mode in Roblox Studio. If you’re testing with a real device, it should work fine.

Also I find that this sometimes doesn’t work when being called immediately. I would wait until the character is spawned before setting ModalEnabled to true.

Emulator mode in Studio is completely broken in my experience.

But this is with a real device.

If it is invalid to set it at certain times that should be documented and setting it at the wrong time should raise an error. I don’t have time to hunt down every weird edge case in ROBLOX to get my game working.

Have you tried setting it in a local script in StarterGui? That’s what I do and seems to work fine. Also when I use it, 25% of the time it doesn’t go away for some reason.

I have reported the bug and I have hacked around it. Just like everyone. Done with this one.

I found out the right way to disable it is to create a dummy script with a special name and sticking in in a special place. I found this out by asking a random guy named Kyle. I don’t know how anyone else is going to figure it out.


Fixed: LIVE NOW: Mobile Controls Toggle Fix for ModalEnabled + Upcoming Deprecation

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