UserInputService.MouseIcon not centering

There’s a game I’m working on that’s supposed to be really high quality, but I ran into this issue when trying to change Roblox’s default mouse to my own slightly edited version of their mouse. I noticed that the way Roblox implemented of this feature is just lazy or outdated.

The mouse I created is the exact same size as the Roblox mouse, I made sure to keep specifics

This is the situation:
(Edit: you can see my custom mouse is literally just pasted at the mouse position of the actual mouse)
During the implementation of this property in UserInputService, they literally did this, but kept the problem.

I need a resolution that does NOT use localplayer:GetMouse, because apparently for stuff like that to work it needs to be in StarterCharacterScripts, and character auto loading is disabled for obvious reasons. (it’s a loading screen)

If you have anything, please relay it to me. Thanks.

I am going to temporarily fix this issue by sizing the canvas to center the mouse point.